buffalo-in-newsTraining Course on Ultrasonography and Fertility Management in Large Animals

Two four days training course on “Ultrasonography and Fertility Management in Large Animals” were organised by the Animal Physiology and Reproduction Division of ICAR-Central Institute for Research on Buffaloes (ICAR-CIRB) at Hisar from 08-11 March, 2016 and 14-17 March, 2016. A total of thirty three veterinarians from different parts of Uttar Pradesh Animal Husbandry Department attended this training program. The main emphasis was on practical aspects and hands on training sessions on the modern ultrasonography applicable for buffaloes as well as other important livestock species. 


During the training program, various lectures and demonstrations by external faculty and institute scientists on the application of ultrasonography in livestock were imparted.  In addition, practical sessions were also arranged on the use of ultrasonography in small animals at LUVAS, Hisar.  Dr. Inderjeet Singh, Director ICAR-CIRB, Hisar emphasized the importance and use of ultrasonography under field conditions for fertility augmentation in large animals. Dr P S Yadav, Head APR Division, mentioned the importance of use of modern reproductive technologies including cloning.  At the end of the training, the participants provided their essential and constructive feedbacks about the training. Dr. R K Sharma, Principal scientist, Dr Varij Nayan, Scientist; Dr. N. Selokar, Scientist; Dr. Mustfa H. Jan, Scientist  and Dr Rajesh Kumar were the course coordinators these  training program.