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ICAR-CIRB organized training on “improved buffalo husbandry practices” from 17th- 23rd December, 2016

ICAR-CIRB successfully organized six-days training on “Improved Buffalo Husbandry” for the farmers, youths and the buffalo entrepreneurs from the 17th-23rd December, 2016. Dr. Inderjeet Singh, Director, ICAR-CIRB in his valedictory speech reiterated about buffalo as the “Black Gold” and emphasized its importance in socio-economic emancipation of agrarian community.The training coordinators for the training were Dr. Sajjan Singh (Principal Scientist & I/C, CIRB, Nabha sub-campus), Dr. Varij Nayan (Scientist (SS)) and Dr. M.L. Sharma (ACTO). They also emphasized that buffaloes have immense potential for poverty alleviation and rural entrepreneurship and just like any other successful agribusiness enterprises; buffalo farming too needs a highly dedicated scientific advisory system for decision making support. In this training, 63 persons coming from different parts of Haryana and also from Kolkata, West Bengal were imparted training on various aspects of buffalo husbandry, feeding and management practices. The trainees were also sensitized about the aspects of buffalo oestrous cycle, reproduction management, frozen semen production, clean milk production, mastitis, important diseases of buffalo, vaccination schedules, importance of record keeping and buffalo husbandry in climate change scenario and also the simple strategies / measures to combat it.





































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