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International Yoga Day Celebrated

 ICAR-CIRB celebrated International Yoga Day on 21 June 2016 wherein  two yoga sessions were held under the dynamic leadership of Director, Dr Inderjeet Singh. At the start of the session, Dr PS Yadav, coordinator of the program  welcomed the Yoga teachers Sh Shyam Singla from Bihar school of Yoga and BK Manju, BK Sudesh, Dr Ravinder Kaushik and Dr RK Malik from Prajapita Brahma Kumari IshwariaVishvidlaya, RajYog Kendra, Hisar. Director, all scientists and staff pledged to make Yoga an integral part of their daily life for good health and peace. All staff including students taken deep interest in the program.



Sh. Shyam Singla explained the importance of different facets of yoga as Yoga covers all aspects of the body, mind and personality. Breathing exercises and music power yoga were practised on music beats by all.  Sister BK Manju from Brahma Kumari, Raj Yog Kendra Hisar practised Rajyog for peace of mind and good health.

The Brahma Kumaris are working in more than 100 countries and teaching personality development through Rajyog. She told every person is a soul and can become good soul with good Karmas. God the highest soul is “Pramatma” as we all are Atama. She instructed on the ways to engage in Rajyog for greater peace and self-realization.  She told two most important points of Rajyog, the first one is to remember God in the morning and think I am a peaceful soul second one is while sleeping feels that I am a lucky soul and go in sleep thinking the same.




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