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Outside funded Network/AICRP projects







Early detection of pregnancy in calve and buffalo by pregnancy associated proteins (PAPs)




A.K. Balhara, I. Singh, S.K.Phulia


June 2012- May 2015


Computational identification and modelling of genetic variation in relation to performance traits  (NABG CABIn scheme)



P. Sikka, K.P. Singh, S.S. Paul,A. Jerome, S. Balhara, A.K.Balhara, Varij Nayan


July 2015- June 2017


An open label study to assess the efficacy of spectramastin the therapy and control of clinical and sub-clinical mastitis in buffaloes (Zoetis India Sponsored)



A. Boora, K.P. Singh


September 2015- March



Simplification of nuclear transfer technique for the production of elite buffalo bulls (SERB)



N. L. Selokar


October 2015-September



Studies on antagonists/inhibitors of signaling molecules to prevent cryocapacitation and development of species specific semen extender for buffalo semen cryopreservation (SERB)



 P. Kumar


October 2015- November 2018


Generation of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells from buffalo fetal fibroblasts through non-viral approaches (DBT)



D. Kumar, N.L. Selokar, P.S.



February 2016- February


Lactation stress associated postpartum anestrus SNP array in Buffaloes ( NASF)


S.K. Onteru, D. Singh (NDRI),

R K Sharma, Varij Nayan

(CIRB), T Keshva Prasad




July 2014- June 2019


Nutritional and physiological interventions for enhancing reproductive performance in animals (AICRP)



R.K. Sharma, S.K. Phulia, V.Mudgal, Jerome A., P. Kumar


November 2014- March 2017


Network Project on Buffalo Improvement



Inderjeet Singh, AK Pandey


July 1991 -continuing

Genetic Improvement of Murrah buffaloes (Network project CIRB, Hisar centre)


K.P. Singh, A. Bharadwaj, A. Boora, P. Kumar, S. Balahara, S. Khanna


July 1991-continuing


Genetic Improvement of Murrah buffaloes (Network project CIRB, CIRB Sub- Campus Nabha



Sajjan Singh, K.P. Singh, K. L. Mehrara


April 1990- continuing


XII Plan Scheme - National Agricultural Innovation




V.B. Dixit, S.K. Phulia, P.

Sikka, A.K. Balhara


2008- continuing


Genetic Improvement of Bhadawari buffaloes

(Network project centre)



B.P. Kushwaha


2001- continuing

Progeny testing of bulls under field conditions (FPT)



A. Bharadwaj,V.B. Dixit, H.

Tripathi (wef November 2015)




2001- continuing




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