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Availability of semen for sale

The Institute has over 2.71 lakh doses of frozen semen in its semen bank under progeny testing programme. There was balance of 59817 doses of progeny tested bulls out of which 57692 doses were available for sale upto June, 2014. The Institute also has semen of champion bull in the field. At present, there are 16929 doses of semen of champion bulls out of which 13055 are for sale.

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मुद्रण ई-मेल

Dr. Inderjeet Singh becomes President of the Asian Buffalo Congress

Dr. Inderjeet Singh, Director, ICAR-Central Institute for Research on Buffaloes, Hisar and a renowned animal reproduction scientist has taken over as the President of the Asian Buffalo Congress during the recently concluded 8th Asian Buffalo Congress, held in Istanbul, Turkey. He presented an invited Lead paper at the Congress, highlighting the rich buffalo germplasm diversity of the country and the recent initiatives of the Government of India towards identification, production and propagation of the world’s best buffalo breed – Murrah in its home tract of Haryana and rest of the country. He also emphasised on the other important milch breeds of the country like Nili Ravi, Jaffarabadi, Banni and Pandharpuri with their unique characteristics and milk production potential.

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