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Farmer awareness programme under MGMG

An awareness programme was organised in village Budak (Hisar) on 15th March for livestock keepers and on 16th March exclusively for women farmers. 45 farmers including the village Sarpanch Shri Mewa Singh and 35 women participated in the awareness programme. The farmers were made aware about proper feeding of animals for optimum production at reduced cost, balanced ration preparation for different categories of animals and various schemes run by the government for livestock development. Importance of various product preparations from milk and their value addition was also shared with the farmers.   Mineral mixture supplementation and process of making silage was also demonstrated by the team. The silage can be prepared from excess green fodder available in glut season which may be utilized in the lean period for feeding animals. Basis of identification of breed especially Murrah and importance of using semen from superior bulls for artificial insemination was discussed with the farmers. Talks on calf management, vaccination, health management and prevention and treatment of mastitis in buffaloes were delivered. The farmers were encouraged for keeping day to day records of animals.  


The team also visited Telenwali, Bandaheri and Dabri villages and interacted with few  farmers and  animal husbandry officials present at veterinary hospital/dispensaries. Literature pertaining to advanced buffalo husbandry and various activities being under taken by ICAR-CIRB was distributed during the awareness programme and visit to the villages.Team of scientists carried out the activities under MGMG included Dr B S Punia, team leader, Dr (Mrs) HemaTripathi, Dr AK Pandey, Dr Sajjan Singh, Dr Vishal Mudgal, Dr Ashok Boora and technical officer, Shri Krishan Kumar.
मुद्रण ई-मेल

buffalo-in-newsTraining Course on Ultrasonography and Fertility Management in Large Animals

Two four days training course on “Ultrasonography and Fertility Management in Large Animals” were organised by the Animal Physiology and Reproduction Division of ICAR-Central Institute for Research on Buffaloes (ICAR-CIRB) at Hisar from 08-11 March, 2016 and 14-17 March, 2016. A total of thirty three veterinarians from different parts of Uttar Pradesh Animal Husbandry Department attended this training program. The main emphasis was on practical aspects and hands on training sessions on the modern ultrasonography applicable for buffaloes as well as other important livestock species. 


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मुद्रण ई-मेल


CIRB has participated in the kisan mela organised by Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Jammu at its main campus Chatha, Jammu on 18th -19th March 2016. Number of farmers, livestock owners, farm women, extension workers, developmental functionaries and students participated in the event. The major focus was on to the showcase of proven technologies and other farmer oriented facilities available in the field of agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, fisheries and other allied sectors by the researchers, agribusiness industries, banks, extension workers etc to improve agricultural productivity and profitability of the farmers. Knowledge about profitable buffalo husbandry was imparted from CIRB. Many livestock owners expressed keen interest in the buffalo farming. Competitions were held under different categories of buffaloes, cow, sheep, goat and poultry. Dr Manoj Kumar Tripathi Scientist, from CIRB sub campus Nabha was one among the judges for the competitions. 


मुद्रण ई-मेल

Demonstration on silage making under MGMG scheme 


‘Silage making’ is promising and economic option for providing nutrients through fodder during the dry season, especially, if prepared at community-level, where surplus fodder harvested in the wet season is processed and stored. In line of awareness campaigns run for improved buffalo husbandry practices for rearing buffaloes, farmers at village Ladwi, Distt Hisar were given demonstration on silage- making at their door under on-going MGMG programme at institute. Freshly harvested, chopped forage (oats) was used, compacted in a filled pit (size 5X3X2 ft), available at farmer’s door to demonstrate making silage. Silage pit was then covered with plastic and left to ferment for around 40 days. 





Future plans to show the quality of ready to feed silage and to establish more field demonstration in other villages for farmers to implement the technique. Also, it is an opportunity to practically test low-cost technologies for improving nutrition and productivity in fields, jointly by farmers, researchers and extensionists. It will certainly improve adoption of technology in other areas in the region that face similar constraints during the dry season. The program shall promote intensive exchange of information among farmers. This is leading to the consolidation of a critical level of expertise for animal production in the dry areas in this region. 

मुद्रण ई-मेल

buffalo-in-newsActivities under MGMG in village Gwalisar 

An infertility treatment camp, farmers’ goshthi, demonstration on formulation of balanced ration and an exhibition were organized on 2.3.2016 in village Gwalisar of Churu district of  Rajasthan under Mera Gaon Mera Gaurav scheme  (MGMG).  More than thirty animals were treated free of cost for different types of infertility problems by the scientists. Some cases of Mastitis in buffaloes were also attended. About 40 farmers were benefitted during the farmer’s scientist interaction.

 On this occasion, an exhibition was also arranged for school children in premises of Government school to create awareness among the students about important breeds of buffaloes and improved buffalo husbandry practices. These activities were carried out by the multidisciplinary team of scientists and technical   comprising of Dr. V B Dixit, Dr. Navneet Saxena, Dr. R K Sharma, Dr S K Khanna and G D Tiwari.

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